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Level up your coding skills and hack your way through action-packed worlds. Power up from beginner to advanced as you learn new coding skills!

Dodge arrows, saws, and fire balls without getting squashed! Hack your animals and go farther than ever before! Use code blocks to program your animal to follow commands through step-by-step execution, logical sequencing, loops and conditional operations.
All the water has disappeared from your village and it's up to you to save the day! Go on an adventure to connect the water pipes and bring water back to your village. Introduction to Javascript syntax. Solve puzzles through editing code using variables, math, logical sequencing, loops, booleans and conditional operations.
Using the magic of CSS, hack your world into a unique burst of color and light while revealing hidden objects and clues. You have an entire island to explore and paint with any color you wish! Use CSS concepts like color hex value, font styling, scale and changing style attributes of objects.
You've landed on a mysterious planet with one mission; find the secret map to locate the hidden bunker. Use code to change the landscape and fight monsters as you run on your quest! Solve puzzles through debugging and editing Javascript using variables, math, logical sequencing, loops, booleans and conditional operations.
Can you control the chaos? Hack your way into the cyberpunk world of Ovum City. Debug code, solve puzzles, and upgrade your hardware as you explore this open world. Edit real Javascript code syntax. Compile action and error messages to teach the concept of debugging.
You have landed on an alien planet in a pocket universe and must find a way to escape so you can continue on your journey.Solve puzzles through debugging and editing Javascript code. Learn about variables, step by step execution, logical sequencing, loops, booleans and conditional operations.
A tower defense game where you can hack your turrets to defend against waves of enemies! Upgrade your towers and defend your base! Freeform programming with Javascript to create instances. Type directly into the code editor to help with the transition to real code.

The Endless Mission

Available Now

The Endless Mission is a community-driven creation sandbox game where you can play, hack, and create within a world...within a world...within a world, eventually making and sharing your own games...with the world.

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The Canyon

Work together with F3lix on this adventure to collect resources and battle alien monsters!

Dragon’s Apprentice

Be the hero that Ovun needs! Unlock the secrets of the hidden Dragon Temples and battle the shadow fiends.

Space Ascent

Zip through the universe in this fast paced space shooter game. Hack and upgrade your ship to survive!

Race Condition

A racing game where you can upgrade and hack your car to do battle with your opponents!

Fable Maker

Interactive classic fables where you can redefine characters, sounds and even the story itself.

Tank Warriors

Driving, shooting, explosions, and programming - all in one game!

Midnight Teddy

A survival shooting game your parents would approve of!

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