Coding games your kids actually want to play

Terminal Two has vibrant, immersive 3D games that teach kids how to code!


Combining games & coding

Terminal Two games are fun

Terminal Two teaches fundamental coding concepts through immersive and engaging games.

Built by educators and gamers, we understand what engages kids and how to teach coding concepts in a fun environment instead of a series of stale lessons.

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Real fun games with

powerful coding concepts

Discover our 3D games, and choose an adventure. Use coding skills to change the world and win!



Games that are safe and fun

As parents, you want the best for your kids. Learn all about our games and our safety guidelines.



Games that engage students

Find out more about our curriculum, progression and coding skills. Discover our learning map and our educators guide.


See how our games teach code!

Why We Make Games

Endless Studios is made up of gamers, educators, creators, developers and entrepreneurs. Gaming and education have been a part of our individual and collective mission. We see the power games have for kids and adults alike to inspire creativity, problem solving, and love for learning.

We want to leverage the inherent educational benefits gaming has to build best in class learn-to-code experiences.

About Endless
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