What Is Code

Why does code matter? It’s in your kids life.

Why does code matter?

It’s in your kids life.

Computers are everywhere. From grocery stores to national banks, code is becoming an ever more important element of our daily lives. Learning to code will give your child a future-proof tool to use at work and in life to understand the complexity of the technology that fuels our world.

Coding as a


In the coming decades, understanding how to read and write code will be a fundamental skill that will be required to meaningfully participate in society. We believe that creating opportunities for children to learn digital language skills at every age, alongside core subjects like math, english and social studies, is one of the most important steps we can take to prepare them for a future where they shape their technology, rather than being shaped by it.

Equipping your kids

for the future.

Coding skills open up professional opportunities in a wide range of growing industries; including security, cloud computing, data science and analytics, full stack development, robotic automation, healthcare, fintech, marketing, automotive, and insurance.

What Can You Do With Code?

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