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Endless is an organization that brings technical access and literacy to kids around the world. We work hard to ensure that our games encourage kids to not only learn, but to create and build for themselves. We discovered that most of our engineers here at Endless had learned to code by hacking their video games and thus Terminal Two was born.

What is Terminal Two?

Terminal Two is a collection of games that carry you from knowing nothing about code to reading and writing real-world code. We have built a collection of games that each target specific computational thinking and coding concepts. We believe a core problem is that learning to code is perceived as boring and learn-to-code games aren’t fun. We set out to partner with real game studios using modern game-building technology to bring you games that look and feel like the games that kids are already playing.

Terminal Two’s Mission

Coding should be fun, period.


Games that are safe and fun

Learn all about the types of games that we offer and our safety guidelines. Click below to view our safety guidelines and how we teach kids to code.


Games that engage students

Find out more about our curriculum, progression and coding skills that kids will learn. Click below to view our learning map and educators guide.

Our Team

We are a collection of entrepreneurs, gamers, educators, creators. We are scrappy, fast moving, and love to build cool stuff. We're made up of educators and gamers, so we know exactly what looks cool and what is vital for coding education. We take this knowledge to heart as we create our games to help your kids level up to a better skillset in coding and Computer Science.

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Endless Network

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