Terminal Two Partners

Our partners believe and share in our mission to empower students today to learn the tools, code, and techniques today that they will need to thrive in their tomorrow.

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Terminal Two was awarded the Best Learn to Code Games at CES 2020 and listed in Parents Best Family Tech!

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Code Wizards

Leading online coding school preparing students for success in the digital world by teaching them how to code, offering Terminal Two as supplimental learning for their students.

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Hour Of Code

Terminal Two was selected as part of Code.org's one-hour celebrated tutorials designed to give access to online CS learning for millions of students and teachers.


BRIC’s aim is to educate and train people in digital skills, employ them in digital economy jobs, and empower them to launch the startups that will continue to drive Vermont’s digital economy. BRIC will be offering Terminal Two in their summer and back to school classes.

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Games For Change

Game creators participating in the Games for Change Fellowship, experimenting with creating real-world games using science and computer science concepts.

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Eline Media

E-Line Media is a video game developer and publisher collaborating with Terminal Two helping the game players today make a difference tomorrow by making games that teach not only how to make games, but how to code.

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The Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) understands that teaching computer science is hard. That’s why their dedicated team and teacher-led Board of Directors has focused on creating a strong environment to support K–12 educators and Terminal Two Ambassadors.

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