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Are your kids


Computer jobs are the #1 source of new wages in the United States, and in 2015 over 7 million jobs used code in some part of their job workload. However, over 50% of schools nationwide do not offer Computer Science courses. Is your child prepared for the rapidly changing job market of the future?

Tests are boring

Challenges are fun

We don't believe there is any reason why learning code should be discouraging. Making kids memorize code vocabulary or complete pointless coding tasks is the fastest way to get kids to quit on coding before they start. Terminal Two games are engaging and immersive, with coding challenges built directly into the stories and gameplay.

It has to be as much fun

as the games kids love

Kids love to create, and code is one of the most empowering creation tools ever. It equips kids with the ability to create anything from a simple code clock to an entire 3D landscape. Terminal Two's games are meant to be hacked, so that your child gains valuable computer science skills while seeing their play change the games themselves.

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Progressive Skill Building

Terminal Two games can be played independently or progressively in order to avoid frustration and build coding confidence and knowledge in a fun way. Our games build from simple “no-code” computational thinking challenges and slowly introduce more complex topics, building towards “real-world” coding environments and tools.


Computational Thinking

Our games teach students the foundation of programming - to break down problems and logically work through solutions.

Code Blocks

Students start with a simplified visual programming language. Code blocks are widely used in schools and easy to understand for beginners.

Simplified Syntax

Next is simplified readable Javascript code which allows students to easily understand and modify programs. Getting players comfortable with reading simple code builds the foundation for more complex programming concepts.

Real Code Concepts

Our more advanced games expose players to real Javascript programming syntax and allow for coding trial and error experimentation. Players learn to read, edit and debug real code to solve puzzles in-game.


As students get comfortable with programming concepts, they move on to using real Javascript syntax. They can practice reading and writing code on their own in-game to support additional learning outside of our games.

Why your kids will love our coding games

A learning experience

designed for fun

We know that learning code can be a daunting and overwhelming experience when you’re just given pages of how-tos. Without the logic foundations and seeing immediate results as you code, it can be boring. This is why Terminal Two has created its suite of games: to engage and educate in a fun, visual way!

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We are a truly engaging way to get kids to learn. The best way to help foster learning in kids is by building games they want to play.

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