Terminal Two Ambassadors

We not only believe that fun first matters, we also believe that our educators and students should come first, so we built a special ambassador program adding educators and students as part of our team.

Educator Ambassadors

Educators come first when defining the content for our students. Educators understand that kids experience increased engagement with immersive content that helps lay the foundational concepts of code. This is why we partner with educators to make games that both engage and teach. Our Ambassadors are on the front lines either educating students about CS, or they are the students engaging, playing and learning CS through our games. The Ambassador program brings both teachers and students together to talk about Terminal Two. With our ambassadors, we see a future that uniquely engages students to learn computer science.

Meet a few of our Educator Ambassadors


"The level of joy and excitement about using Terminal Two for learning coding concepts was much higher than other programs we have used in the past."


“I’m really excited about Terminal Two... when it comes to kids, the more they’re having fun, the easier it is to teach them concepts...they come into my classroom genuinely excited, saying: ‘Oh, we’re playing a game today!‘"

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Student Ambassadors

We believe that the best way to engage students in computer science learning is by building games that they want to play. Our games are action packed with deep narratives, fun characters, rich environments and puzzles that not only challange, but teach while you play. Our Student ambassadors help test our games, and also build unique experiences with the Unity Development Platform. This platform and practice presents new, unique perspectives on how to expose and learn coding concepts while playing our games.

Students ambassadors of the month

Fan Ling

“Programming can be fun and interactive. Just like playing a game.”


Haotian Lu

“The fellowship is an excellent experience for me. It provides me a chance to develop a completely different kind of game...It was the biggest challenge to balance between keeping the game interesting and making sure players can learn coding through the game.“


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